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Top 10 Tax Tips for Professional Organizers

Today I’m chatting with Amanda DiGiacomo, who owns an awesome accounting firm in California. She’s been nominated for several awards in California, including a certification of recognition by the CA State Senate and Assembly! She’s here to chat with us today about allllll the tax tips for professional organizers - definitely a hot topic that I know sooo many of you have questions about.

Questions like...

  • What should we watch out for when accepting payments through apps like Venmo, SquareCashApp, or PayPal?

  • Should we be charging sales tax for our home organization services?

  • Can we up-charge for Product, like bins, baskets, or other containers used in the client’s home that we took the time and energy to source and purchase?

  • Can we invoice clients for a Travel Fee if their home is outside of a certain radius or service area that we designate?

  • What are the general rules for tax write-offs?

  • What are some mileage tracking best practices?

  • Should we be setting aside money for taxes?

  • Quarterly or annual business tax filing, which is better?

  • How long do we keep business tax docs?

We're covering all this AND MORE!! Watch the video below and get your new professional organizing business off to the races. If you'd like to become a professional organizer in 2022, then this is the episode for you!

You can check out Amanda and her awesome team, plus learn more about their services and get educated with all the content that they put out on their page on Instagram @atlasfinancialsolutionsca, plus check out their website at

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