One on one private coaching with Melisa.

90 days.

12 calls.

Quantum leaps.


Bold. Brave. No-BS. Non-sugarcoated. Zero fluff. You know it's time to Make SHT Happen. You know it's time to get your ass in gear. You know it's time to show up for your damn self.

Stop procrastinating. Start taking ACTION!

Whether you need to get organized, wish you could manage your time better, or need business advice from someone who's been there, Melisa is your girl.

Stop making excuses. Stop living in the somedays & what if's. LET'S DO THIS!

Melisa's style is for driven individuals that are COMMITTED to progressing in life and READY to get to the next level of growth. Melisa is all about setting strategic goals so you can stay in your zone of genius and GET SHT DONE.

Notes and action steps are sent after your call- let's equip you with the tools you need to BREAK THROUGH! 


Book your 30 Minute Breakthrough Session today to explore Melisa's 1:1 coaching options and learn how you can UPLEVEL your life and business. It's time to pivot with purpose!

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What if Melisa told you that you could uncover your LIMITING BELIEFS, break right on through your NEGATIVE PATTERNS, and discover what's truly HOLDING YOU BACK from accomplishing more in your life, your business, and your career?

Would you believe her?

Chances are, there's that little nagging feeling whispering in your ear on an hourly / daily / weekly / monthly basis, telling you that you haven't reached your full potential, that you are MEANT FOR MORE.


... so are you ready to FINALLY listen to it? Are you READY to learn how to MAKE SHT HAPPEN in your life, business, and career?


If you answered YES, then let's chat!

💥 MSH Foundations: Get the tools to define your personal values through powerful exercises and learn the art of storytelling & personal branding so you can exude confidence & credibility. You'll learn how to set a clear vision for your life so you can start to embody the woman you KNOW you're meant to be. Plus, dynamic mantras, meditations, and journal prompts are intertwined as "homework" to keep you accountable throughout the 90 days! 

💥 Clear the MF Space: It's time to get UNSTUCK so you can release your inner badass (she's ready to come out and show the world who's boss!). It's time to make room for GROWTH in your life by getting rid of the physical, mental, and emotional CRAP weighing you down. From time management & productivity tips to superwoman decluttering hacks, and high-octane networking techniques, Melisa has you covered. 

💥 Action Cures Fear: Dive right into those baby steps outside of the comfort zone so that you can make leaps & bounds in curing FEAR with ACTION! Melisa gives, real-talk, no- BS, non-sugar coated tactical takeaways on how to take those big, hairy, monster-like, SCARY things in your life and turn them upside down so that you can tackle them with EASE. Melisa's goal is for you to recognize "imposter syndrome" when it comes up and learn how to quiet the doubters.


Join Melisa on this journey to cure your FEAR by taking ACTION!

Starting a business and have no idea where to start? Churning a few ideas around in your brain but don't know how to make them a reality? Doubting yourself and telling yourself "it's too hard" to take the leap into entrepreneurship?


Melisa created this FREE Side Hustle Mindset Manual just for YOU! Chock full of tips, tricks, resources, and activities to set your new biz off on the right foot.


Get organized. Get clear. Get focused. Get the e-book!