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Time Management Strategies for Professional Organizers

If you're struggling with all your back-office business responsibilities in running your home organizing company- then this free training (all about streamlining your business operations) is for YOU!

📝 Without clear priorities and goals to guide your decisions in life & business, everything could fall apart... and I don't want to see you lose everything you’ve worked so hard to create as a pro organizer! ⁣

📌 What is the number struggle you have right now that is stealing your freedom and causing more chaos in your biz? ⁣Is it effectively planning your weeks and days? ⁣ Staying focused and avoiding distraction? Having automated systems or routines that allow you to get more done in less time?⁣

💡 Tune into this Goal Setting Workshop on the 5 Time Wasters to Avoid as a Pro Organizer and how allll those sparkly objects can set you back as you’re starting to get STRATEGIC about growing your organizing biz.

++ After your watch, be sure to book a call with Melisa to strategize on your next steps in business and get your customized productivity road map to help you grow and scale that professional organizing business! Book now at:


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