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Social Media Hacks for Professional Organizers in 2024

social media hacks for professional organizers

Soooo many organizers come to me stressing about their social media presence and think that this is the reason they aren’t getting any leads. STOP right there. Instagram should simply be used as social proof for prospects to take a quick peek at your work.

A typical client prospect funnel will look like this:

  • Head to Google and search “professional organizer near me”

  • See your website (ideally on the first page of Google via your Google Business page, Yelp, FindMyOrganizer, Nextdoor, Thumbtack, or even your own website if you have amazing SEO! Grab my free guide here to learn how to do all of this)

  • Click your website, and stay on for approximately 54 seconds (according to a 2021 study that recorded the average time spent on websites across all industries)

  • Take a peek at bottom of your website, click to your Instagram or FB page, spend 30 seconds to “vet you out” and make sure you’re “legit” (aka social proof to make sure you're an actual organizer who's done actual work and doesn't look like a crazy person or someone that stopped organizing in 2017 or someone who's branding is stuck in 2006)

  • Book a consultation and session with you!

So tell me, WHERE in that equation does it say you need to post every single day, make Reels, create Canva graphics, curate perfect Stories, and






Where does it say that? Who made that rule?

For the love of all things holy, please STOP getting caught up in this myth! Local search matters for home service companies. Period the end. Yes, you can still have an Instagram, and a Facebook, and a TikTok, and a Pinterest, and a LinkedIn, and a Snapchat, and whatever the heck else you want. But this “trying to be perfect all the time & be EVERYWHERE” nonsense? This needs to stop.

Know what is moving the needle forward in business and go all in there. If it’s ANGI/HomeAdvisor, great. If it’s Thumbtack, amazing. If it’s local Facebook groups for moms or maybe one for busy executives, awesome. Find what works for you and cut out the rest of the noise. In case you haven't noticed in entrepreneurship, there’s no rulebook!

If you think you have to have a VA, or you think you have to invest in a social media management company, or fancy content batchers- think again. I love Canva Pro’s Content Planning tool and the free version of Planoly. Links are here if you want to check out either of those resources (but sidenote: I don’t think anyone needs a fancy content batching tool honestly if you’re posting intuitively and with what FEELS GOOD… I love posting when I damn well feel like posting...)

Oh and another thing, don’t be afraid to blend your personal and business pages! Think of your fave organizing pages- they’re probably on Stories building that Know- Like - Trust Factor with their audience by sharing the “Behind the Scenes” of their life including nutrition, workouts, motherhood, family life, outings, vacations, and simple mundane things like grocery shopping or cleaning their own houses. Build that Know Like Trust factor… social media is meant to be SOCIAL after all. Stop trying to post to multiple Instagram pages- if you want to make your personal profile your business profile or vice versa, then do it!

I'm here for you if you need help strategizing your next steps in business. Let's stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and let's start getting STRATEGIC about how to grow your professional organizing business in 2024! Check out the Pro Organizer Bootcamp Podcast, the Pro Organizer Bootcamp YouTube, and the Pro Organizer Bootcamp Facebook Group for more tips, tricks, and resources like this one.


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