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Quit Your Job to Become a Professional Organizer?!

The Great Resignation and the Great Reshuffling is upon us… and it’s driving tons of women to leave the workforce and start their own businesses! If you’re feeling stuck in a job you hate or ready to change careers but not sure how, then this is the video for you.

I’m Melisa Meral, creator of Pro Organizer Bootcamp. The amount of women that have joined the professional home organization industry in the past 2 years is astonishing. Let’s talk about why- I’ll give you a quick story of how I became a full time organizer myself. And stay til the end, because I have a cool gift for you (hint: it’s my Side Hustle Mindset Manual!)

Five years ago, I was a burnt-out corporate rat racer that desired one thing: freedom. On my journey to figure out what freedom meant for me, I realized I did not have to stay in that crazy world of climbing the corporate 9-5 ladder. I started thinking about how I could LEAVE my six-figure position at a Fortune 500, where I’d been consulting for over 10 years at companies including Roche, Abbott, and General Electric!

Entrepreneurship really fell into my lap. I come from a long line of teachers — my mom was a teacher, my grandma was a teacher, my dad was a college professor, my grandpa’s mom was a teacher, and several of my aunts and uncles also work in education. As a kid, I was the sassy little girl bossing all of her friends around, standing at the front of the “classroom” (aka my bedroom), and creating little homework packets for them at night, writing “lesson plans” on my easel in our family’s garage until my dad made me go to bed. And now (after about 30 years of running in circles), I am a keynote speaker and interactive workshop leader. That was my vision, and it always has been!

After leaving my corporate job, my first question to myself was “What am I really good at, and what can I get paid to do?” I had started a side hustle, called Let’s Get You Organized in 2011… and now maybe all these years later, I could make it my full time gig. In that first year of going full time as an organizer, I hired 4 professional organizers and together we served over two hundred and fifty clients in creating lifestyle changes to help local San Diegan families live more efficient lives.

If you’re interested in exploring what that could look like for you, I encourage you to visit and get an instant copy of this PDF which walks you through a few different exercises on personal values, goals, and more. Check it out! And in the meantime, you can also join our free Facebook group HERE!


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