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How to NETWORK as a Newbie Professional Organizer!

You’re not expected to be a Jane of all Trades! Outsource what you don’t want to do, what you’re not good at doing, or what you’re constantly getting requests about from your clients. It’s time to uplevel your business as a pro organizer and build an organic referral network!

I’m talkin’ closet stylists, estate sellers, consignment shops, handymen, contractors, painters, stagers, realtors, junk removal pros, housekeepers… and the list goes on. My fave place to find pros with 5 star reviews is obviously Google BUT there’s nothing like a good word of mouth referral or friend of a friend! If you don’t want to source help from people you’ve never worked with before… you can always use a vetting service like @taskrabbit or @nextdoor to find your next best helper.

I’ve used both of these in the past for furniture assembly, shelving installation, picture hanging… all the things! Check out those verified reviews & community recommendations - sometimes all it takes is a little RESEARCH to help our clients succeed with their other projects!

If you need to better understand a client’s project and don’t want to run around trying to find everyone at the last minute or doing it all yourself, you need to watch the Consultations 101 Masterclass! Grab your free spot in this FREE 25 min webinar HERE

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