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How to HIRE Your First Assistant as a Professional Organizer - Build a Team - Recruiting and Hiring

😮😮 It’s TIME TO HIRE!! I see soo many of you booked out for months, which is awesome… butttt you can’t run this as a #onewomanshow forever! Here are my top tips for hiring your first assistant & building a team:

✏️ Post on social media about your goals for hiring- chances are there are already some “lurkers” hanging out and watching your stuff and wishing they could be an organizer! In my experience, the best hires can be right under your nose. Tune in to your local community and already existing network to see who you might find!

✏️ Test ‘em out with a working interview to see if it’s a good mutual fit for both of you. If they’re a fit, check your local state tax laws and rules re: any additional licenses or insurance you might need. You can work with your local SCORE chapter + seek guidance from your CPA or attorney.** Be careful if you’re in a state like California of laws like AB5 which went into effect Jan 1 2020 re: W2s vs 1099 contractors!** Check out @gusto to see how you can run your payroll in one easy click (link in bio!) If you’re not already paying yourself & you’ve moved past running your business as a sole prop, see how you can start cutting checks for yourself w/ personal income taxes already taken out.

✏️ For training & onboarding, start with a simple brain dump! In the beginning of your hiring journey, you don’t have to have a super formal SOP. If you already have your LLC or business entity formed, then you prob have some sort of business plan or ops manual already. If not, start to put together the most basic version of this!

✏️ Once you’ve worked out legal & payroll: SEND THE BABY OFF TO DAYCARE! The hardest thing = giving up control as a #proorganizer but believe me it’s SO worth it. You might even be able to take a day off (omg) or a whole vacation someday.

➡️ ➡️ I don’t want you to burn out in business, I want you to grow your #homeorganizing EMPIRE! Take those baby steps to find your next best #professionalorganizer to hire 📞 Book your private Zoom call with me at so I can help with any questions about growing & scaling that you might have & give examples from my own experience in hiring & scaling my #organizingbusiness. LET'S CHAT!

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