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How to Be Successful on a Service Pro Marketplace Like Thumbtack as a Home Organizer

“I’m doing all the right things on Thumbtack and Home Advisor and ANGI leads… I’ve set my budget, I’ve populated my bio and some portfolio pictures, and I’m even responding right away to people in the app!” Melisa, why am I not getting BOOKED?!

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret about why you're NOT GETTING BOOKED even after having an awesome profile up on a service pro marketplace where you’re supposed to be getting good quality leads that turn into booked and paid clients… wanna know the secret? Let’s go!

Guess what? You’re not following UP. If you’re watching this video and you’re a current user of any of the many service pro marketplaces that are out there (you know what I mean, Thumbtack, ANGI, HomeAdvisor, FindMyOrganizer, Houzz… all of those) then THIS IS YOUR REMINDER to go back through your pipeline and FOLLOW UP!

Take a look at the leads you’ve been sent in the past 30, 60, and even 90 days. How many times did you actually follow up with the lead?

At the end of the day, you PAID for that lead and it’s up to YOU to follow up. Sometimes I pay as much as FIFTEEN DOLLARS for just one lead! That can definitely add up quickly when I’m getting 10 or so leads per week so I always make sure that I’m doling everything I can to get that client to book a consultation with me and secure that first session!

Be mindful of the budget that you set in apps like these and make sure you’re getting what you pay for! Don’t be scared to reach back out even if it’s been months or weeks. In these types of apps, you’ll usually get access to the potential client’s actual phone number- which I always suggest texting IN ADDITION to messaging them back in the app. By responding in the app, the algorithm will see that you’re responsive and taking your profile and relationship with that service pro marketplace seriously. They’re just trying to get the right pros into the right hands of their users! They want to make sure that they match every user with the perfect home service provider every time- so make sure that you keep a good reputation and responsiveness score with these apps!

Oh and a pro tip- With a handy tool like Google Voice, you can copy and paste a simple message to let those leads know that you’re running special rates or seasonal deals, to sweeten the pot for them and get them to book (or at least text you back). Having a Google Voice number has been the easiest thing for me because I can separate my business line with my personal line and have a targeted area code for the market that I’m serving. You can watch a quick video that I’ll link up above here if you want to learn more about why I use Google Voice in my own organizing business.

So the moral of the story is DON”T BE SHY! I know it can seem scary or daunting to put yourself out there… none of us want to feel naggy or too salesy… but the fact of the matter is we are RUNNING A BUSINESS!! You’ve got to secure your market share and grab your piece of the pie. If you’d like to join me for EXCLUSIVE webinars and hot seat coaching calls, I’d love to see you in The Pro Organizer Bootcamp VAULT. There are endless resources in the secret and private Resource Locker on the Pro Organizer Bootcamp website where I get to share tons of content for organizers who are growing and scaling their companies. You can join the Vault and grab your 3 month access pass HERE!


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