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How to Get New Clients FAST in Your Professional Organizing Business

how to get clients as a professional organizer

I’ve just released my FREE Get New Clients Fast Guide. It’s a 3 page PDF full of resources on how to get your very first paying clients, or how to inject some cash into your already existing biz.

I hear things like this all the time:

"I know I'm good at decluttering but how do I get people to pay me for it?"


"I want to start a home organizing business but I don't know how to find new clients beyond my friends & family."

Ahhh yes, the conundrum of every new and aspiring professional organizer. That's why I've compiled this Get Clients Fast Guide just for YOU!


Head to to grab your copy

Alright… so I’m going to give you a lil' sneak peek of the guide. If you’ve followed me on Instagram @proorganizerbootcamp, or joined my Pro Organizer Bootcamp Facebook Group, or watched my Pro Organizer Bootcamp videos on YouTube… then you probably know I’m all about LOCAL SEARCH to get your first paying clients in the door.

I see SO many women with a huge passion for organizing but they get STUCK when it comes to lead generation.

Disclaimer: This guide is geared toward my organizing community in the United States and Canada. I love my international community but these are the geographic areas where I serve best.

First things first- claim your Google My Business Page. My Get Clients Fast Guide walks you through the setup process and why this is, in my opinion, the NUMBER ONE priority when starting out as a home organizer- yes, even before setting up an Instagram or Facebook or WEBSITE!

Next- claim your Yelp Business Page. The guide shows you how to do this without paying for ads. I never recommend spending money on advertising until you’ve established your proof of concept and you’re starting to make momentum in your local community!

Third, I love FindMyOrganizer- truly a hidden gem! The website looks a little archaic, but believe me, it’s legit. You can create a free listing which I cover in my Get Clients Fast Guide.

And lastly, I’m all about the Nextdoor neighborhood app. Network a lil with your neighbors, learn about what’s going on in your local community, and get your name out there! This is a great way to build that know-like-trust factor in and around your local area. Grab the guide to find out how to set up your profile and get started on your way to becoming the top organizer in town!

Pick up your free guide at

Oh and PS- if you’ve already been receiving my emails, make sure you search your email for this guide- you don’t want to miss it! You can do a quick email search for “Pro Organizer Bootcamp” and it will pop up. If you lost it, simply head to and grab a new copy with a different email address! I’m excited to watch you GROW your business and make traction on turning your PASSION for organizing into PROFITS! Here at Pro Organizer Bootcamp we’re all about community over competition... celebrate with me on Instagram @proorganizerbootcamp + share this post with other organizers in your network!


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