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You don’t need to go from zero to 100 real quick…. here at Pro Organizer Bootcamp we’re all about taking BABY STEPS to success!

As you’re learning how to start out on your journey in professional organizing, it can be extremely overwhelming. You’re not just trying to figure out how to color code books on a bookshelf or organize cereals & grains into pretty glass containers…. you’re also being bombarded with overwhelming thoughts about how to accept payments, confirm appointments, gather online reviews, build a website, grow a social media presence, file for a business license….  and about a million other things.


Hell, you might not even know how to get your first paying client.


Or how to get your name out there in your local community so you can actually test the waters and see if you even like this whole Marie Kondo-ing, Home Edit-ing, thing. 

Once you’re in a state of overwhelm, chances are you’ll freeze and stop creating any momentum in your budding biz.... and no one wants that.


Pro Organizer Bootcamp presents the information on how to start your biz in an easy-to-follow, bite-sized format. Melisa is here to guide you, so let's dive right in!



So you probably have questions if you're just starting out... like A LOT of questions.

You're probably wondering...

How do I know if pro organizing is for me? Do I have what it takes?

What does a pro organizer ACTUALLY do? What's it really like?

Does it cost tons of thousands of dollars to get a business up & running?

How do I get my first clients and how much should I charge?
What if people don't "get" what I do? How do I get my name out there?

Melisa lays it all out in the course.... let's cut the fear and take ACTION!



  • corporate rat racers who are burnt out & ready to live their passion

  • fiery go-getters that know that they are meant for more than just working for someone else’s dream & someone else’s wallet

  • powerful women with a fire in their hearts as they find their purpose and know that they already have the natural gift of organizing

  • creative ladies that are ready to share their gifts with the world & start the side hustle that inspires and motivates them to do more

“Spending 4 weeks with Melisa has been a blessing. She is direct, approachable, and moves quickly, which I truly appreciated. She covered all the bases as a quick track to get started. She has years of experience and is very resourceful! She works her butt off and you can see that. Being able to help others personally and professionally has always been something I am passionate about and Melisa has been a great addition to my journey!" ~Kristy

Pro Organizer Bootcamp


Have you ever thought “There must be MORE to life than just working an 8-5 job for 50 years, collecting a paycheck, and retiring with debt”? Well if so, you’re not alone.... I’m Melisa Meral and I help naturally organized women turn their PASSION into PROFITS!

 I know you think....
-starting a side hustle is scary
-you don’t have enough skills or expertise to run a business
-It’s easier to stay stuck in your 8-5 job
-it’s TOO hard, TOO daunting, or TOO terrifying to make the first move
-your comfort zone is comfortable (but secretly miserable at the same time)
-there’s too much competition in the professional organizing world
-you’re not good enough at organizing yet & need more time to practice 
-you need a fancy certification to be able to call yourself a Pro Organizer

....and that’s all BULLSHIT!

I’ve been there too and I’ve come out on the other side. I launched my pro organizing biz Let’s Get You Organized way back in 2011 as a tiny side hustle that I felt passionate about. And when I say “launched” I don’t mean fancy webinars or email marketing funnels or social media perfection... I mean I threw up a few Craigslist ads that said I was good at organizing, got a box of business cards for $10, and put up some before/after photos on Blogspot (I’m aging myself here but this was waaay before we had all the digital tools available to us now). 

It doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It doesn’t have to be complicated. All you have to do is START! 

I spent 6 months on creating this course... just for YOU! In the do-it-yourself course, you’ll learn how to launch your professional organizing side hustle in 30 days. Are you ready? Let’s do this!!



Melisa's style is for driven individuals that are committed to their progression in life and business. Her clients are READY to get to the next level of growth. It’s time to figure out what’s working & what's NOT.


Melisa is all about honing in on strategic goals so you can stay in your zone of genius, NOT drowning in overwhelm.

“The past 4 weeks have been great and I’m so glad I was able to do this. I can’t believe all I have been able to do in such a short period of time! Melisa really touched on all we needed to get started and shared her knowledge and experience. Over the past 4 weeks, I’ve had a 'pep in my step' that I haven’t had in a while. Working on this business and doing it this way has been amazing. It’s really something I needed to do for myself, just as much as I want to be an organizer to help others! I can’t express thanks enough." ~Cristina

How to Start a Professional Organizing B




Look, there’s a lot of courses out there about how to become a Professional Organizer… I get it. So how do you decide on which one? For starters, make sure you look at the instructor’s background. How much time have they spent “in the trenches?” Are they actually knowledgeable about all the ins & outs of starting a business or are they just doing this on the side in their spare time? Have they grown and scaled and hired a team in their own organizing biz? How many years of experience do they have in the field? There seem to be a lot of scammy snakes out there these days…. I’m just gonna say it! Make sure you’re looking at their reviews and testimonials from REAL people. Make sure you’re able to see the type of results the course provides. 

🚫 You don’t need a pretty Instagram feed. 

🚫 You don’t need a certification. 

🚫 You don’t need to get a freaking degree in organizing. 

🚫 You don’t need to buy stock in the Container Store or build out an entire warehouse of baskets and bins (organizing is much more than just putting 💩 in bins.... duh). 

👍🏼 You’re already naturally organized. 

👍🏼 You’re already able to look at a room and know exactly where things should go, exactly which systems could be implemented, and exactly how to organize that space. 

👉🏼 Now you just need to know how to turn it into an actual freaking business! 

💰 Hobbies cost money. Businesses MAKE money. Are you ready to turn your passion project into a real, live, actual, money-making, business?! I thought so. Get off the fence. Clear the noise. Learn how to start your Professional Organizing business in 30 days with this robust course!

If you’re on the fence about starting a side hustle then you’ve probably DREAMED about making a living doing what you love. You’re probably on the quest to figure out what you’re MEANT to do in this lifetime. Or maybe the idea of your “dream job” just feels like a faraway illusion… not even a reality. Sometimes, it’s not so easy to figure these things out.

Most people stay STUCK.

But you’re not like them, right?

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